15 Best Massage Candles That’ll Heat Up Your Sex Life In More Ways Than One

If you’ve ever caught a rom-com or one of those steamy TV scenes, you’re familiar with the classic move of lighting a candle and cueing some music to set the mood. But here’s a twist to add some spice: try a massage candle.

If you’re thinking, “What’s that?” – let me break it down. Unlike regular candles made with paraffin wax that hardens, a massage candle transforms into body-safe oils as it melts. Perfect for—you guessed it!—massaging into the skin. (Foreplay, anyone?) Some even come with skin-healing benefits or essential oils for that post-evening rejuvenation.

Meet the Experts:

  • Megan Fleming, PhD, a clinical psychologist specializing in sex and relationships in New York, New York.
  • Donna Oriowo, LICSW, M.ED, CST, the owner, and lead therapist of AnnodRight.
  • Shawntres Parks, PhD, LMFT, a licensed marriage and family therapist in San Diego, California.

If your partner is willing but not quite in the mood, Megan Fleming, PhD, suggests that massage candles can help build up some steamy desire. According to her, “It’s through the massage, through the touch, that the body goes, ‘Oh, this feels good, this feels nice,’ and the arousal kicks in.” As you continue to touch your partner’s body, “the desire builds.”

And now, if you’re ready to play, here are 15 massage candles that are perfect for creating that steamy romantic atmosphere.

What Is A Candle Massage?

Alright, picture this – candle massages aren’t your regular rubdown. They’re like a sensory explosion, loaded with essential oils and natural scents. But here’s the twist – warm, melted wax gets in on the action, getting slathered on your body. Nikita Conwi, the Spa Manager at Bulgari Spa Dubai, spills the details, “It’s called the Sensory Awakening Candle Massage. We use a special massage candle, and the heat from the melted wax, inspired by Moroccan Hammam traditions, combined with our therapist’s gentle moves, is all about giving your body and soul some serious chill time.”

Top 3 Benefits of Candle Massage:

Alright, imagine a massage that’s not just about the hands but a whole sensory experience – that’s what candle massage brings to the table. Picture this: soothing scents, the warmth of essential oils – it’s like a spa day but better.

Now, let’s break down why candle massage is more than your typical massage:

1. Stress-Be-Gone: Candle massage doesn’t just chill you out; it takes stress relief to a whole new level. The secret? Aromatherapy. It’s not just about calming your mind; it’s about whisking it away to a happy place. Ever notice how certain scents can bring back good memories? Candle massage taps into that, making it a powerful stress-buster.

2. Bye-Bye Aches and Pains: Sure, a regular massage can ease the pain, but add some essential-oil magic from candles, and you’ve got a winning combo. The warmth of those oils? It’s like a cozy hug for your joints and muscles. Better circulation, more flexibility, and bonus – your skin gets a hydration boost. Do it regularly, and you’ve got yourself a long-term solution for staying active.

3. Mood Booster: Less stress usually means a sunnier mood. Candle massage not only kicks stress to the curb but also, thanks to aromatherapy, gives your mood a serious lift. It’s not just about feeling good during the massage; it’s about carrying that good vibe with you afterward.

Candle massage isn’t just a pampering session; it’s a whole vibe. Imagine the right candles, delightful scents, some calming tunes, and a skilled massage therapist – that’s an experience you won’t forget.

Can you Use regular Candles for Sex Candles?

Stay away from those beeswax candles you grab at your local supermarket’s home section. They’re like little heat bombs and can give you a nasty burn. Trust me, I’ve been through the pain of second-degree burns from hot stuff, and I wouldn’t want anyone to go through that.

My Tesco pear and apple candle might make my room smell amazing, but it’s not the right pick for any wax play adventures. Look for candles specifically made for your body – shea butter and soy ones are fantastic alternatives. Scented paraffin candles can burn pretty hot (between 120 F and 135 F), while beeswax candles go even higher (145 F to 170 F). Soy candles chill somewhere in the middle, with a medium burn temperature of 135 F to 145 F. Oh, and bonus with soy – it cools down fast on your skin.

Then there are these cool massage oil candles. They’re softer and transform into a massage-like oil when they touch your skin. So, if you’re easing into the world of wax play, these massage candles are a great start.

MELONY Natural Edible Soy Candle

  • Price: $19 at Amazon
    • Description: This candle not only looks and smells good enough to eat but is made with edible soy wax, allowing you to lick the flavors off your partner’s body or simply enjoy the blend of almond oil, shea butter, and vitamin E.

NEOM Organics Skin Treatment Candle

  • Price: $47 at Amazon
    • Description: Crafted from ethically sourced plants, this candle, infused with French lavender, sweet basil, and jasmine, promises to melt away stress, induce calmness, aid in sleep, and lift your mood.

Flowerland Jasmine Massage Candle

  • Price: $16 at Amazon / $16 at Walmart
    • Description: A simple vegan candle in a minimalist container, offering a deceptive amount of relaxation with the fragrant essence of lavender.

Coco Bliss Melt – Massage Candle

  • Price: $20 at Amazon (Now 10% Off)
    • Coco Bliss Melt – Massage Candle 8 Oz | Natural Coconut Moisturizing Body Oil Candles with Vanilla Scent for Women, Men & Couples | Essential Oil Candle with Vitamin E Almond Oil, Cocoa

Burn & Bliss Soy Wax Massage Oil Candle

  • Price: $10 at Amazon (Now 21% Off)
    • Description: Featuring an easy pour spout and natural ingredients like soy, coconut oil, and olive oil, this subtly scented candle ensures a pleasant massage experience without overpowering the room.

These candles promise to add a delightful touch to your romantic moments, making the overall experience both sensuous and soothing.

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