9 main benefits of beeswax candles

You know that beeswax stuff? Yep, it’s made by bees, those busy honey-makers! So, here’s the lowdown: bees whip up this waxy magic in their bellies, courtesy of special wax glands. They munch on this wax and use it to build honeycomb pads when the wax hardens in the air. Picture this comb as the bee’s storage unit – it houses honey, pollen, and baby bees (brood).

Now, when beekeepers snag honey, they end up with leftover wax. And guess what? That wax is the key to crafting some pretty awesome candles.

What’s so cool about these beeswax candles? Well, for starters, they’re 100% natural and totally renewable. Since bees make the wax, you won’t find any funky chemicals in the mix.

Light up one of these candles, and you get this warm, healthy glow. It’s like sunshine in your room, emitting these cool negative ions that zap away air nasties like dust, odors, and germs. Beeswax candles burn longer, drip less, and smell fantastic – all by nature’s design.

Ever wonder how they clean the air? Burning beeswax makes negative ions that attract and neutralize the positively charged yuckies in the air. Result? Clean, fresh air minus the floating ickiness. So, while these candles do wonders, vacuuming is still a thing.

And get this – beeswax candles aren’t just mood-setters; they’re air purifiers too. Burn them for 30-60 minutes before bedtime, and you’ve got a bedroom with extra-fresh air for sweet dreams. Perfect for those with asthma or allergies. Stick ’em in the kitchen, and they’ll battle odors without messing with your meal’s aroma. You can even pop one in a nursery for the little lungs, just keep an eye on it around the kiddos.

Now, let’s talk perks:

  1. Longer Burn Time: These candles outlast the competition, thanks to beeswax’s higher melting point. Plus, that golden color gives off a cozy vibe.
  2. Natural and Eco-Friendly: Beeswax is like a bonus from honey-making. No need for extra fragrances, and they’re soot-free. Environmentally friendly? Check!
  3. Odor Neutralizers: Your home gets a sweet scent without artificial fragrances. Easy-peasy deodorizing.
  4. Less Dripping: No messy wax spills here. Less cleanup, more aesthetics.
  5. Ambiance Boost: Light up and chill out. Create a calm atmosphere with the warm glow of beeswax.
  6. Anti-Allergic Properties: Great for allergy sufferers, with the added bonus of a honey-sweet aroma.
  7. Brightness: The purest, brightest light that’s closest to natural sunlight. Good for the eyes and the mood.
  8. Stress Relief: That natural honey scent? It’s like a mini spa at home, soothing stress away.
  9. Safety First: Thanks to the dense wax, no hot drips in draft-free spots. Say goodbye to burnt fingers!

And a quick note on candle care: Never leave ’em burning solo, keep them on a flat surface (maybe a candle plate), and if they get a bit “dusty,” just give ’em a gentle wipe. Voilà, your beeswax candle is back to shining bright!

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Do Bees Wax Candles Purify the air ?

Beeswax candles aren’t just good at keeping harmful stuff out of the air; they also kick back with less soot and smoke, even less than other natural options. But here’s the real kicker: these candles do more than light up a room. They’re like tiny air purifiers, releasing negative ions that grab onto the bad stuff like dust and pollen, making the air cleaner and fresher. Yup, you heard it right – beeswax doesn’t just burn; it cleans the air while doing it!

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is it actually good for your skin?

Well, when it comes to your skin, beeswax is like a friendly superhero. It’s totally safe and brings a bunch of benefits to the party. First off, it’s a humectant, which is just a fancy way of saying it attracts water. So, it’s like a moisture magnet, helping your skin stay nice and hydrated.

But that’s not all – beeswax also doubles as a natural exfoliant. It gently sweeps away those dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling fresh without any rough treatment. Plus, studies even say it acts like a shield against environmental damage. So, if your skin’s feeling a bit dry or damaged, products with beeswax are like a soothing hug.

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What is the difference between beeswax and candle wax?

Beeswax and candle wax are terms that are sometimes used interchangeably, but there are differences between the two.

  1. Source:
    • Beeswax: This type of wax is produced by honeybees. Beeswax is a natural substance secreted by worker bees to build honeycomb cells. It is harvested from beehives.
    • Candle Wax: This is a more general term that refers to various types of waxes used in candle making. Candle wax can be derived from different sources, including paraffin (a petroleum byproduct), soybeans, palm, and other natural or synthetic materials.
  2. Composition:
    • Beeswax: It is a natural wax that contains a mixture of fatty acids, esters, and hydrocarbons. Beeswax has a distinctive, sweet scent and a golden color.
    • Candle Wax: The composition of candle wax depends on its source. Paraffin wax is a common type used in candles and is derived from petroleum. Soy wax comes from soybean oil, palm wax from palm oil, etc. Each type has its own characteristics.
  3. Burn Characteristics:
    • Beeswax: Known for its clean and slow burn. It produces very little smoke and has a subtle honey-like fragrance. Beeswax candles are often preferred by those who seek a more natural and eco-friendly option.
    • Candle Wax: Different types of candle wax can have varying burn characteristics. For example, paraffin candles may produce more soot than beeswax candles, and soy candles are often promoted as a cleaner-burning alternative.
  4. Environmental Considerations:
    • Beeswax: Considered more environmentally friendly as it is a natural, renewable resource. Harvesting beeswax does not involve the same environmental concerns as some other types of waxes.
    • Candle Wax: The environmental impact depends on the source of the wax. For instance, soy wax is often promoted as a sustainable option, while paraffin wax is derived from non-renewable petroleum.

In summary, while both beeswax and candle wax serve the same purpose in candle making, beeswax specifically refers to the natural wax produced by bees, whereas candle wax is a broader term encompassing various waxes used in candle production. The choice between the two often depends on personal preferences, environmental considerations, and desired burn characteristics.

Do Bees Candles Smell?

Yes, beeswax candles do have a natural, subtle fragrance. The scent is often described as sweet and reminiscent of honey, which is a result of the natural compounds present in beeswax. This gentle aroma adds to the appeal of beeswax candles for many people. However, it’s not an overpowering scent like some artificially scented candles, making it a popular choice for those who prefer a more understated and natural fragrance in their living spaces.

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