How to Make Your House Smell Good

Enhancing the aroma of your home has been an age-old pursuit, spanning centuries and pre-dating innovations like Poo-Pourri or the 1980s potpourri craze. In the ancient days, well before these modern solutions, people delved into the art of scents. According to Elise Vernon Pearlstine, a biologist turned perfumer and author of “Scent: A Natural History of Fragrance,” the harvesting and trading of frankincense resin, burned to produce aromatic smoke, has been a practice for millennia. This aromatic smoke was used to scent homes and clothing, purify the air, and welcome visitors.

Since the days of resin, our methods have evolved. Candles, diffusers, sprays, plug-ins, and even stovetop potions showcased on TikTok have emerged to make our living spaces more pleasant to the senses. Now, the question is, what to use and where? Drawing insights from fragrance experts and interior designers, we’ve gathered tips on scentscaping and adding fragrance to your surroundings.


Creating a inviting aroma in your home is easy, according to Chrissy Fichtl, the founder of Brooklyn-based home fragrance company Apotheke. She suggests picking a signature scent for your space and adding a seasonal touch for variety, like pine or cedarwood for winter and tomato tarragon for warmer months. For a memorable fragrance, Fichtl recommends focusing on the entryway, using the Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser for a modern twist. This device allows you to control scents and intensity through your phone, offering a delightful welcome with scents like fresh linen or zesty lemon as you walk in.

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Citrus is a popular choice for kitchen scents, valued not just for its culinary tie but also for its refreshing vibe. Cartter Stout Sacchet from Paddywax, a Nashville-based candle company, describes the ideal kitchen candle scene as a sunny day with open windows and the aroma of fruit chopping. Paddywax takes it a step further by repurposing burnt candles like Orange Blossom from the La Playa collection into items like margarita glasses or bud vases.

Safely, a cleaning product line co-founded by Kris Jenner and Emma Grede, aligns with the dual-purpose idea. Their scented products, like the Universal Cleaner, not only clean surfaces but also leave a fresh fragrance. Emma Grede makes it a bedtime routine, cleaning the kitchen with the Calm Universal Cleaner to wake up to a lingering pleasant scent in the morning.

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To combat stronger odors, a spritz of Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray works wonders, ensuring the air stays fresh even when opening a window isn’t an option. For an overall inviting atmosphere, Fichtl suggests choosing a fresh ozone scent like Apotheke’s Canvas, available as both a candle and a diffuser. She adds with a laugh, “It won’t actually clean your house, but it does give off that clean feeling.”

Stout Sacchet agrees with the endorsement for ozonic scents, known for their clean and refreshing qualities. She specifically recommends them in diffuser form, noting their effectiveness in smaller, enclosed spaces. Plus, diffusers are a safer alternative to candles in rooms without constant monitoring.

Living room

For a lively living room atmosphere, interior designer Sherrell Neal recommends the invigorating blend of bergamot, eucalyptus, white musk, florals, and rosemary. Stout Sacchet suggests florals, especially for living rooms, where more complex scents thrive. She highlights the versatility of modern scents, combining categories like woody florals or sweet florals, offering a range of appealing options.

If you’re into fresh florals, Pearlstine suggests growing aromatic blooms in your garden, emphasizing spring favorites like hyacinths and peonies. For scented flowers into summer, consider dianthus, stock, tuberose, and lavender. If your living room opens to a patio, Pearlstine recommends placing potted plants like lemon trees, gardenias, or jasmine by a door or window to let their natural fragrance drift inside.

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Home office

Safely has introduced a new plug-in diffuser perfect for the office, like Grede’s favorite, the uplifting Bright plug-in, infused with essences from locally grown citrus fruits, bringing back summer memories.

For a motivation boost during remote work, Homesick’s Home Office scent, inspired by water lilies and patchouli, avoids the typical office aroma. Homesick’s state and city candles also let you transform your workspace into Chicago, Los Angeles, or New York City.

To infuse creativity into your workspace, Pura’s latest fragrance collection pays tribute to The Met. Choose scents like Terracotta Rose, inspired by Greek artisans; Perfume Immortelle, reflecting Roman marble statues; and Egyptian Sandalwood, capturing the essence of the museum’s ancient Egyptian art collection.

Bed room:

Just like citrus is the default aroma for the kitchen, lavender takes the prize as the unanimous choice for the bedroom, and it’s not just by chance. According to Pearlstine, lavender essential oil has proven stress-reducing and relaxation-inducing properties. Her suggestion? Apply a couple of drops to your pillowcase for a soothing and restful sleep.

If you’re battling exhaustion along with congestion, Pearlstine leans towards eucalyptus. Instead of a diffuser, she opts for a couple of drops of eucalyptus or pine essential oil on cotton balls in an elegant bowl.

Gardemal recommends a fusion of lavender and lime for relaxation, especially highlighting his fondness for the Nouvelle Candle Company. Neal adds that melon can also create a calming effect. Meanwhile, Safely offers a scent aptly named Calm in plug-in form, praised by Grede for genuinely instilling a sense of tranquility, especially in her bedroom.

Recognizing that bedrooms aren’t solely for winding down, Fichtl proposes a charcoal scent. Describing it as masculine, smoky, and moody, she notes its cologne-like allure, making it perfect for creating a sexy and intimate ambiance.

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Adding a fragrance to your garage, home to your car, lawnmower, and old catcher’s mitts, might not be a top priority unless there are trash cans in the mix. However, if your garage is a frequent entry and exit point, a pleasant scent could be a nice touch. Consider using a Pura device with your favorite aroma. Alternatively, get creative with candles that capture unique essences like burgers and fries. Apotheke’s Shake Shack-inspired scents, featuring notes of green grass and sea salt, offer a distinctive touch. According to Fichtl, burning a Shake Shack candle outside during a barbecue is a great way to make a statement and set the vibe!

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