PIOSRTRR Incense Stick Holder



Enhance your space with the Lotus Crystal Incense Stick Holder – it comes complete with a stick holder, ceramic bowl, a set of chakra stones, and crystal crushed stones. The large incense bowl (5.7 inches in diameter) easily captures ashes and is made of ceramic, while the Lotus incense holder (3.2 inches in diameter) with a 6-hole design is crafted from alloy. The Chakra stone set includes seven natural crystal stones.

When lighting incense, ensure it’s not on a flammable surface. The crystals not only balance your energies but also act as a protective layer against potential safety issues.

This holder works well with sticks, cones, and palo santo, especially when crystal stones and the lotus are added as a protective layer. The unique combination of lotus and chakra stones releases a calming and relaxing scent of your choice.

Transform your meditation corner with this Lotus Crystal Incense Burner. The lotus symbolizes enlightenment, self-regeneration, and rebirth, making it an ideal gift for your loved ones and yourself.


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